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HECTOR CORTEZ is a filmmaker from Los Angeles whose love for film and television led him to pursue a film degree at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television. Since graduating, Hector has worked various crew positions such as camera operator, camera assistant, digital loader, production assistant and editor for a variety of clients including Univision and the Latin Grammys.

Hector’s crew experience spans feature films, short films, music videos, commercials, web series and documentaries. Well-versed in the production process, Hector’s passion is writing and directing, with plans to do so for film, television and other media.

Hector was chosen for the Read Latinx Writers Initiative, Roadmap Writers’ BIPOC Voices Initiative, LXiA’s Latinx Animation Writers Initiative and Vera Herbert’s Blackout Script Reads Initiative. An estimated 1,500+ writers applied for these opportunities.

As the son of immigrants and an uncle to many nephews and nieces, Hector hopes to create series and films starring Latino families that will present them in a positive light, free from any harmful stereotypes that have plagued our screens for decades. The time for change is now and Hector hopes to be a part of that wave of change, together with you.

Writing Samples

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TV Pilots:

Abuela Stands Up | Dramedy | A grandmother pursues stand-up comedy after receiving unexpected news.

The Garcías | Comedy | A short-form series starring a multi-generational Mexican-American family from the San Fernando Valley.

Familia | Drama, Episodic Anthology | Episode One: A 1950s Mexican-American family must come together to overcome a tragedy.

Directing Samples